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Our mission here at Hawaii Chinchillas to teach people information about how to care for their pet chinchillas, as well as provide information on the safest food, treats, and toys. Hawaii Chinchillas was started in 2016 because of the lack correct information available to pet owners via the internet and books.

Chinchillas originate from high altitudes of the Andes Mountains that runs along the western coast of South America, Argentina, Chile, Bolivia, Peru, Ecuador and Colombia. It is about six hundred miles long and two hundred miles wide. This mountainous area has a desert like appearance with very little rainfall and little vegetation.

Chinchillas habitat is almost 3miles above sea level. The clime is dry as humidity is low facing the Pacific Ocean. The Andes climate is harsh, windy, cold and dry. Andes are terrain is rocky and sparse. The mountain is covered by volcanic ash that chinchillas use to bathe in. Andes vegetation is only shrubs, grass, seeds and particular cacti.